Firmware for ZMorph 2.0 S

Firmware is an internal program that runs electronics and peripherals on printed circuit board (PCB). It is adviseable to keep your firmware updated, so make sure you check this page regularly. Files for the firmware, config and G-code samples for printing can be found at the bottom of this page. 

Before upgrading your firmware, please make sure you backup all the files (especially config!) on a micro SD card or an external drive.


Updated on 25.05.2016



Features: support for external SD card, laser ON/OFF selection, toolhead change memory.

In order to update the firmware (program that runs on internal processor) you need to copy firmware.bin file (don't change the extension) to internal SD drive. After it’s copied, reset the machine, and wait 30 seconds.



Config for ZMorph 2.0 S, with support for external SD card

USE WITH CAUTION: It will override your current settings! 



When you override your previous config, make sure you check if axis move in the same direction. Lines as below:

alpha_dir_pin 0.5!

beta_dir_pin 0.11!

gamma_dir_pin 0.20!

extruder.hotend.dir_pin 0.22

extruder.hotend2.dir_pin 1.23! 


If any directions differ, just remove/add ! after the number to flip it.


Thermistor settings :

This should be the same as originally set on your machine for your original extruder. Each extruder has thermistor value (Beta) in their serial number, like 4264/WB/B4375 – this means that beta value is 4375. Write it here:

temperature_control.hotend.beta 4375

and eventually:

temperature_control.hotend2.beta 4375 (for second extruder if applicable)


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